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TEXTS TO THE EXHIBITION "IDEAL INDIVIDUAL "in the course of the performance of L.A Raeven on 14 March in Vienna developed 3 videofilme, photographies and further documentation material that now in the gallery CHARIMKLOCKER is shown. The exhibition "IDEAL INDIVIDUAL "was opened on Thursday, 26 April 2001 at 19.00 o'clock and was until 5 May to be seen. Lisbeth and Angelique Raeven looked via advertisement, which was illustrated also on our invitation map to the exhibition, for ideals the individual: "Height 170 cm, Hips: 82,..., Long and Slender of arm OF 60cm, Underdevelopment OF Secondary Sex, Loss OF Hair, Unusual Food and drink habits....". The data correspond to their masses and life habits. They have the advertisement already repeatedly geschalten and the reactions were naturally always negative. The Guardian refused even the pressure. The twins, 1971 in Holland born, who worked among other things with Jean Paul Gaultier and Nan Goldin, sit down, their genetically cause skeleton-detention-thin feature to the standard. On the one hand the two do not try to create by the assistance of media and mode a personal territory in that their feature are unusual, on the other hand one they wanted to show, which the androgyne can be located type, which became to erkoren from the western world to the ideal, in connection with genetic defect, or with Esstoehrungen The Raevens asks the question about the autonomy over the own body. Who as do we look controlled, who should and as widens to be able we to go - up to the self destruction? Is it to be regarded ethicalally justifiablely for an art public work, which actively recruited them for Anorexia - to even idealize? And completely besides they admit openly to play with their Egozentrik - "all artists acres obsessed with them of selves "- mean the two, whose work finally evaluates and judges its own Essgewohnheiten and its physical feature. Raeven try again and again to manipulate L A in the context of Vernissagen their public, with Witte de With, (Rotterdam/February 2001) filled it glasses, which were located scattered in the gallery with a liquid, the weisswein in the color resembled however the Essence of their own body smell were, which spread so slowly. With de Appel in Amsterdam manipulated it likewise with smells. They hid Fetzen, which were soaked with a liquid, which spread the smell of antibiotics. This action was hard at the border of the legality, since they did not know, which effect the inhalation of the product would have. Thus they do not let be the public a possibility of indifferent spectators, it are addressee and object of their art. The Casting with the opening in Vienna had to be unfortunately broken off because of unrest with the visitors. [ BACK TO EXHIBITIONS ]

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"In the video installation the twins stare out at the the viewer, their gaunt faces unreadable, their bodies curled up on the floor, or arranged over seats in intimations of boredom. Occasionally one of them will take a cracker, break it in half and feed it to her sister.",4273,4357763,00.html

"“You are me.” This video-installation is based on a true story about the silent war between twin-sisters June and Jennifer Gibbons about the right to have once own personality and the tremendous fear to lose each other, not be able to live with or without each other. They created a world where they excluded all outside contact, making a pact not to speak to anyone but each other, transferring their anger to the outside world, us against them, like a gang of two. This piece plays with the provocation that can be considered sane or insane, and tries to put the viewer in a position in which he is not able to judge…
— L.A.Raeven"


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